iFinWiki – Who are we and what are we doing?

iFinWiki – Who are we and what are we doing?

Project iFinWiki was founded in 2018 when two Czech students met on a British university. The original thought to develop blog about traveling and financing, which we have already operated, has graduated into a completely new project iFinWiki with focus on the comprehensive world of finances. Travelling itself and tips for travelling are going to create a separate blog.

Our decision to work together was based on the fact that we share values, goals, thinking processes; we both study Business Management and are also interested in options of investing. We like to use available resources (such as time and money) as efficiently as possible and motivate each other to go further and try new things. At the same time we take building of iFinWiki as an interesting project which is going to be a valuable experience to our future employment or entrepreneurship. We are developing our skills such as cooperation, organization, project management, creating of business plan, and others. That’s why our work on this blog brings benefits for both sides – for you, readers, who can thanks to our articles find out more about the world of finances and can save precious time, and also for us, because we are gaining valuable experience through working on iFinWiki.

In our free time, we are educating ourselves in all directions and sectors of financing and we want to pass this knowledge, tips and tricks on you, our readers. At first, we have started with a comprehensive topic of P2P lending, from which we are moving on to other possibilities of investing and we are constantly adding articles and steps necessary to keep, send and use efficiently your money. Right from the first articles to various topic we are going to give you a hand and introduce a particular topic, opportunity, company, or project, and once you are familiar with it, we will keep on bringing you news from that sector. There are countless possibilities, from P2P lending, through mutual funds, cryptocurrency, stocks, all the way to new bank accounts and online services that counter fees of classic banks. And there is much more…

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